The Balagne

Land side


The Revellata Peak

The Revellata Peak

This hike is very pleasant and accessible. You should not miss it, it offers a magnificent panorama on the citadel of Calvi. You will need a little more than 3 hours round trip, good shoes, and something to protect you from the sun because the Corsican maquis will not give you much shade in summer! This site is unique and shelters rare, endemic and protected plant species of our beautiful island of beauty.

9.16 km
The Ostriconi valley

The Ostriconi valley

At the gateway to the Agriates desert, there are numerous hikes (between 30 minutes and 2 days) which start from the Ostriconi beach.
One of them takes the path to go up to the Acciolu bay. You can discover several beautiful creeks along the way, don't forget your swimming costume for a dip in one of them before your return.

14.27 km
The abandoned village of Occi

The abandoned village of Occi

From Lumio, less than 10 minutes from the Stella Mare hotel by car, discover the abandoned village of Occi. Lovers of old stones and history will be delighted to discover this village and its breathtaking view of the Balagne.

5.68 km
Hinterland villages


Prepare to be enchanted by the charm of this village.
This "eagle's nest" is, like the village of Pigna, a village from the Middle Ages. Let yourself be seduced by its narrow streets and discover its 75 houses built into the rock. The houses are built tightly together around the granite peak. In the heart of the village, you will find the ancestral bread oven and an old wine press.

The climb through the village will take you to the top, where a 360° view of the whole Balagne region will probably leave you speechless... Open your eyes wide and take a breath.
Only 20 minutes by car from Algajola, your stay at the Stella Mare hotel will allow you to discover the heritage of these beautiful villages of Balagne.


PIgne is a timeless village perched on the mountains of the Balagne.
The village is fixed to the rock at a height of 260 metres and completely dominates the Nervia valley.
What characterises the village today is art and music. Various artists helped to renovate the village in the middle of the 20th century. They included musicians, potters and sculptors.

Nowadays, the musical tradition is still very strong, carried by the songs and the Corsican polyphonic music.

Its magnificent auditorium, a jewel of ecological architecture, is built entirely of raw earth and covered by a dome. The venue is renowned for its excellent acoustics.
Only 15 minutes from Algajola, discover this pedestrian village through its narrow cobbled streets, surrounded on each side by houses with typical Corsican architecture.


Mountain bike

Discover the paths along the Corsican coastline. You can also cross the picturesque villages by taking a road in cornice which offers a splendid panorama on the seaside and the plains, the Balagne offers an ideal ground to the practice of the bicycle.
You can rent your mountain bike or take part in supervised rides directly in Algajola, only a few hundred metres from the Stella Mare Hotel with Algajola Sport et Nature.

Horseback riding

With the Equestrian Centre L'Ypsos in Pigna you can enjoy beautiful horse rides, alone or accompanied, by the sea, in the forest or in the countryside, according to your wishes.
You can also enjoy a swim, a breakfast on the beach or an aperitif at sunset... We invite you to visit the website of the Equestrian Centre or to contact them directly to book your horseback ride in Corsica.

The Fango River

The beautiful Fango valley is located in the Balagne region. This river is less than 45 minutes drive from Calvi and its famous citadel.

The valley is surrounded by old oak forests and the northern wall of the Paglia Orba massif. The Fango is famous for its crystal clear waters which form natural pools ideal for cooling off. Popular with locals and holidaymakers alike, it's a must-see place in summer. You can go there for the day, have a picnic on the riverbank or in a small restaurant on the edge of the river, before taking a dip in the cool, translucent water. If you're lucky, you can get a massage in the eddies of a small waterfall between two beautiful sun-warmed rocks.

The Bonifatu forest

This forest in the heart of the Balagne region extends over 3000 hectares of greenery and hundred-year-old trees. Crossed by a river: the Figarella, the temperature of its water and the shade of the forest are very appreciated by hikers during the summer. It is the ideal place to find a little coolness before returning to the beach in the evening for a sunset when the heat fades.

Corsica differently

Culture & Gastronomy

The Artisans' Route

A route through Corsican craft and architectural know-how: "La Strada di l'Artigiani".

Between Calvi and Ile-Rousse, passing through all the old villages of the region, discover the men and women who are proud of their trades and their passions and who want to share them with you, to make you discover Corsica in a different way.

You will visit the workshops of the craftsmen of the cities and villages of Calvi, Calenzana, Cateri, Lumio, Corbara, Pigna, San Antonino, a circuit which will lead you towards the art of glassmaking, cutlery, beekeeping, you will meet the craftsmen, wine growers, luthiers... all of them will be able to make you discover their universe and share their passion.

Corsican polyphonic songs

Corsican polyphonic songs are an integral part of the soul of Corsica, of the history of the Corsicans and of their culture. To the sound of the voices of the paghjelle singers you will vibrate with emotion as you discover these songs, an incredible mixture of strength and poetry.

You can see the programme of events in the region and in particular the polyphonic singing concerts on the Balagne-Corsica website.


Corsican charcuterie is a very famous dish. Here are the names of the most famous Corsican charcuterie: lonzu, coppa, prisuttu, figatellu, panzetta,...

You will discover a small selection of cured meats to taste without moderation at the breakfast buffet at the Stella Mare hotel. We work with local producers who deliver directly to the hotel so that we can offer you quality charcuterie.

The breakfast buffet also includes: Corsican and continental cheese, bread, eggs, fresh fruit, dried fruit, cereals and fresh fruit juice.

Culture & Gastronomie

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